Book Review: “Unoffendable” by Brant Hansen



Have you ever considered what it means to be Unoffendable?  On this day I am bringing you my thoughts on a book that I believe to be capable of changing the world!  From the very first pages, I knew it was something I wanted to share with a large number of people, and I have already recommended it to several friends, and now I get to recommend it to you!  Shall we begin?

This book was recommended to me by my mother.  (Who also has a blog, where she shares her artistic adventures.  How about that?)  When she explained the concept of this book to me, I was immediately intrigued and wanted to know more.  Now, I can easily tell you that this book is, like, my jam.

The concept that fuels this book is that Christians can not only choose to be unoffendable, but that Christians should be the most unoffendable people on earth!  In order to become “unoffendable” we must renounce our right to be angry.  The book also answers many questions about judgement, entitlement, justice, and human nature.

“I used to think it was incumbent upon a Christian to take offense.  I now think we should be the most refreshingly unoffendable people on a planet that seems to spin on an axis of offense.  Forfeiting our right to anger makes us deny ourselves, and makes us others-centered.  When we start living this way, it changes everything.”

I can tell you firsthand that it does change everything.  I have been seeing this world differently since reading this book, and honestly, I think it’s the way I wanted to see all along.  I remember specific times in my life where I’ve wanted to tell someone “You can’t offend me” in order to establish the trust that they needed and comfort them in their insecurities.  However, I felt that cultural-barrier that told me I was entitled to offense.  If someone treated me horribly and slammed my Christian beliefs, surely I would be justified in my anger, therefore it must be okay.

Since reading this book, I have told people that I can’t be offended, and it is such a relief!  While some people may not bat an eye at the thought of offending others, for some people that’s all they think about.  They are worried they are a bother to others because of their personality or character.  Yet there are other people who go around provoking offense because they expect others to be angry with them.  My decision to remain unoffendable has broken down the barriers between both these types of people, and I am so grateful that I am learning to look past our differences.

The real replacement for anger and offense is love.  I’d say the most powerful effect that this book has had on me is the release of the obligation to get upset at everything that doesn’t line up with my beliefs.  By just letting it go, I have found a great sense of peace in the world around me.  Just learn to accept that everyone has sinned and move on so you can love that person!

“Anger is extraordinarily easy. It’s our default setting. Love is very difficult. Love is a miracle.”

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Unoffendable explores the tender balance between striving to be like Christ and being completely aware that we are not Jesus: a concept that we should all explore and try to understand.  The book is an easy-read with several stories, quotes, and a sense of humor that the author, Brant Hansen, uses to illustrate his points.  It’s entertaining!  I also appreciate Hansen’s honesty in his own mistakes when it comes to being unoffendable and loving others.

Not gonna lie, I got super pumped up reading this book.  I can only imagine what the world would be like if we all chose to be “unoffendable”, but for the small part I play in this world, this decision has done me good.

“Yes, the world is broken.  But don’t be offended by it.  Instead, thank God that He’s intervened in it, and  He’s going to restore it to everything it was meant to be.  His kingdom is breaking through, bit by bit.  Recognize it, and wonder at it.”

So, what do you think about being unoffendable?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  I really believe that this is an important subject, so don’t be afraid to bring it up with me, or your friends, or family.  Also, if you read this book, let me know!  I love talking about it!  Follow me on Twitter or comment on this post and we can have a nice little chat. 🙂