How I Got A’s in All My Classes This Semester


Sometime during high school I realized that I was a was a good student.  After that, I realized that I had to work to keep it that way.  I actually wish I had realized these things sooner because it seems that there is always one person ahead of you in some way.  Although I may have surpassed a lot of people in academics, there were certainly several people ahead of me in my high school class.  Just a few numbers can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in scholarship money or awards.

But I am happy to announce that I got A’s in all my classes this semester!  After several long months, all my hard work has finally paid off.  Even if you totally expected to receive good grades, it’s still worth being proud of!  Today, I would like to share some of the tips and tricks that helped me bump up my GPA.  Quick disclaimer: I realize that everyone is an individual, and there is no right or wrong way to achieve success in your classes.  What works for me might not work for you.  Nevertheless, if my tips can help anyone else, I am happy to share the love!  Without further ado, here is how I got A’s in all my classes this semester!

I study something I love

I hope this goes without saying, but loving your education makes college a million times more endurable.  If you truly love the content and the work that goes into your classes, then your classwork don’t seem nearly as grueling!  Because I am a theatre major, most people realize right away that I am in this major purely because I love it.  On the flip-side, I have talked to plenty of people who adore theatre and have maybe even considered going to college for it, but they are scared to take the plunge.  But, trust me, my college experience is a blast because I am studying something I am passionate about.  I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

I am not alone in my classes

Now, I realize my major is pretty different from other fields of study, but I still benefit so much from the community of theatre majors I am surrounded by.  In my theatre classes, I always have several of my friends right alongside me which makes it easy to ask questions and collaborate on our classwork.  We frequently discuss our classes and help each other with projects or problems that we encounter.  We also have a lot of fun  in our classes too!

I made plenty of time for my homework

This didn’t always mean that I started a project several weeks before it was due, it just means that I dedicated specific time for working on big projects or papers.  I more or less budgeted my time during the week to have enough time for schoolwork.  I almost never worked on homework after 8pm, just because I didn’t like it!  I still had plenty of time for all my schoolwork.  Productivity is key!  Here are 10 Ways to Be More Productive Right Now.  These habits saved me plenty of time!

I avoided stress

This goes along with budgeting my time during the week.  I mostly didn’t work after 8pm because I needed that time to relax.  I also passed up opportunities to hang out with my friends because I knew I needed to recover from a busy day.  Stressing about school will only have negative effects on your classes, so learn to take control of stress.  Here is A Foolproof Guide to Dealing With Stress in College; all these tips help me conquer stress in my own life which allowed me to focus on school.

I worked on having a healthy attitude

Can I emphasize the word worked?!  This semester was hard!  For the last two months of the semester, I was having a terrible attitude about school.  I didn’t like my classes and I didn’t like living in the dorms, but I got through it!  I tried really hard to have a good attitude and cut the negativity out of my life.  I failed a lot, but I still finished strong and got good grades in all my classes!  Sick of school? Here’s What to Do When You’ve Had Enough of This Semester.

I had a voice in my classes

If I had a problem with something in my classes, I felt no remorse in emailing my professor about my concern.  For example: in my public speaking class, I was giving a speech and a girl walked into class late and completely broke my focus.  She loudly opened the door and walked right in front of me as if I wasn’t even there.  I had seen this happen several other times during other speeches and I had had enough of it.  I emailed my professor and told him that it was very bad speech etiquette to enter a room while someone was giving a speech.  He addressed it with the class and it didn’t happen again.  Do you see what I’m saying?  You are paying for this education, so don’t feel bad about having a voice in your classes.


Ok, here’s my secret: getting good grades isn’t very hard for me.  This doesn’t mean I effortlessly get A’s in all my classes all the time, it just means that I’ve worked hard to develop good habits that are now second nature to me.  Developing good academic habits is the easiest way to get straight A’s.  Because of the discipline in instilling these habits, getting A’s this semester was a breeze.

I am always looking for more college or study tips to help boost the good ol’ GPA!  Let me know what tips you have for getting A’s in your classes.  Is getting A’s something that comes easily to you?  Or are you still working on developing good academic habits?  I want to know!

  • Congrats on getting straight A’s! I think these tips are definitely helpful and key components in getting better grades!

    Kayla |

  • Great post! You’re so right that balance is key! Once you learn how to balance life, studying, and keeping your sanity, everything else falls into place. I also got straight A’s (except for one B+ in Brit Lit but that’s always been my hardest class so no biggie, I know I did my best!) while also working 20+ hours a week at a part-time job. I was able to do it but knowing how to prioritize my time and how to be an active member in the classroom! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I love your blog, I’m so glad I found it!

    • Thanks so much Samantha! It sounds like you did pretty well yourself this semester, so congrats! I’m glad that you found a balance in your schedule and kept a good attitude about the work you did. I know as well as anybody that some B+ are much harder to earn than A’s!! By the way, I love your blog as well!

    • That’s awesome Samantha! I know some B+ are harder to earn than a lot of A’s, great job balancing your schedule! I love your blog too, by the way!

  • Meagan Donovan

    Congratulations on your grades! I’m a theatre major too so it’s great to meet a fellow theatre major blogger. Loved this post!

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan

    • Yay theatre!! I’m glad you understand what it’s like to be a theatre major because it’s such a blast! I hope your schooling is going well!

    • Yay theatre! Isn’t it a blast? I’m glad to meet another theatre major/blogger too!

  • heyitskate

    I like your idea of ‘having a voice’ in your classes. It took me a long time to work out that speaking up, asking questions and clarifying concepts with my lecturers/tutors is far more beneficial than trying to save face by pretending I understand when I don’t. Your blog is amazing btw! 🙂

  • _therothdesign_

    Oh, wow! That’s great what you did for your college with your balance time management and schoolwork… I did had A’s when I was high school for 4 years… Even I do play sports and education is my thing because I always stay out of the trouble… Education is the important to do as well! College is the hardest! I was average B+ with AAS in Animation… Now, I am going back to same school where I work at… I changed my major into computer information system because I do love to do the technology even my skills into that since I understood old fashioned technology… I am nervous because I know I can do it even I wanted to get good grades as well! I love to do flashcards, memorize them, etc… I would do anything as well… How do you can recommend me for this reasonable? So I can go back what I did when I was in high school… What do you think if I would to do it that as well?

  • Sonia

    Hello ! I saw your article in Pinterest and now I’ve read several of
    your articles in the blog ! I learn english at school and your blog
    helps me to prove myself than I can understand something in english 🙂
    Thank you for the motivation and all !

    Merry Christmas and have a good (new) year, because you deserve it <3

    • Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a lovely semester and a happy new year!!!

  • silverstream27

    I really enjoy the section where you talked about not working past 8pm just because you didn’t like to. I try to make it a point to start winding down at seven and to be in bed before ten and whenever I tell people about it they always assume I’m taking super easy classes and have no work. It’s less about easy classes and more about scheduling my time to be more productive, allowing me to have downtime! I’m glad you see it the same way too 🙂 congratulations on your grades!

    • Thank you so much! I totally agree that you don’t need to study long into the night to still be a good student. Sleep is so important!!!

  • Absolutely wonderful! I love the tips and will definitely be using them! : D

    • Thank you!! Best of luck!!

  • Katlyn

    These are great tips! I think new freshman get so caught up in thinking that A students have super secret tactics to get their grades, when really, it’s just the accumulation of small habits. I love reading how other people get good grades and their little tips and tricks. This is what I do:

  • Alyssa Renae

    This truly helped look at college a different way than I have been for the past 2 years. Being able to start my third year off strong couldn’t be helpful without this! Thanks for the great tips!

    • So happy to help! I’m just starting my third year too, best of luck!

  • parmita choudary

    I am still trying to develop good academic habits- which explains why I am reading this blog right now. But I must confess, all of your articles in your blog have helped me very much, thank you for this. 🙂