The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Sickness


the ultimate guide to fighting sickness

Fighting sickness is actually one of my unexpected talents.  I feel very deeply for people who are getting sick throughout the semester, because that’s no fun!  But I feel even worse for people who make the same mistakes over and over again so they stay sick.  Yuck!  At this point in my life I am practically a pro at fighting sickness.  When you’re a theatre major, being sick can really affect your performance, but no matter what your major is, staying healthy is essential to doing your best in school.  Nearly everyone gets sick at some point in the semester, so let’s get educated on fighting sickness off fast.

My friends, this is something I take very, very seriously, and all these methods are tested and approved by yours truly.  Hopefully this guide will save you a lot of pain and suffering in the future.  Let’s get into it!

Bundle Up!

Being cold makes you more susceptible to illness, so pack on the layers!  Bundle up if you are going outside, but make sure you are plenty warm when you are just hanging around at home too.  Don’t forget to have plenty of blankets when you go to sleep.  You certainly don’t want to catch a cold while you’re sleeping.

Drink Water

This isn’t even funny.  You should be drinking plenty of water all the time, but especially when you’re sick.  Not soda, not milk, water.  Staying hydrated helps you be more alert when you have to get stuff done with an illness, and it flushes out toxins that are lingering in your body.  Please, please, please always drink enough water.  You’re body will thank you for it!

Drink Tea

Not only does hot tea feel good on a sore throat and help clear out your sinuses, but it helps you get better!  Tea is another great way to flush toxins out of your body, just be careful to not get dehydrated.  Caffeinated tea is especially guilty for making you dehydrated, so avoid caffeine.  My favorite teas to drink when I’m sick are lemon, ginger, detox, bedtime, and throat coat teas.  When I’m really sick, I will have as many as 6 cups of tea a day, so love that tea!

Avoid Sugar and Carbs

I know we all seem to crave comfort food when we’re not feeling our best, but don’t give into your sickness!  Carbs and sugar will only fuel your illness and make you sick longer.  Essentially, if you eat really boring (but healthy) foods you will be giving your illness as little fuel as possible.  So no Doritos, Pop-tarts, brownies, or SODA!  Wait to eat that stuff until your body is strong enough to handle it.

Sleep Even More

Speaking of strength, your body uses a lot of energy fighting off an illness, so get more sleep.  I mean, actually go to bed an hour before you usually do to get more zzzzz.  Take naps too.  Getting all the rest you can get will help you fight off your sickness faster and more effectively.

Stay Home

While going out with your friends might be tempting, staying home is in your best interest.  Staying home will allow you to stay out of the cold, get some rest, bundle up, and just relax in general.  Plus, your friends will not thank you for getting them sick, so don’t expose them to whatever you have.

Don’t Share… Anything

Like I said, show some love to your friends and don’t get them sick!  Don’t share water bottles, chapstick, makeup, or even food.  You don’t want to spread your illness and you certainly don’t want to get any sickness that they might have.

Take it Seriously

I can usually fight off any illness within a week, but I often see people have the same cold for over a month.  How awful!  People might not realize how easy it really is to fight off an illness if you really commit to making yourself well again.  All it takes is a little willpower and concentration.  As soon as you feel yourself getting sick, completely change your whole routine.  You owe it to yourself to perform your best in everything, so take getting well seriously.

*Bonus: Your Voice

If you are singer like me, then getting sick is probably the most terrifying thing to happen to you.  However, singing with sickness is a lot more possible than you might think.  Along with following all the tips above, eat some honey to sooth your throat.  Cough drops can actually inhibit your voice, so try to avoid them.  Don’t try to force a sound from your voice, and make sure you warm up your voice gently.  The most important thing to believe is that you can still sing when you’re sick.  Try not to freak out about not being able to sing, and just go easy on yourself.

Get well soon!